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Bugs on the Horizon: Why a Mild Winter Means a Surge in Spring Pests

spring bug swarm

As the mild winter lingers and spring inches closer, there's more to the balmy weather than just a reprieve from the cold. While it's tempting to celebrate the warmth, there's a silent consequence brewing beneath the surface: a surge in pest activity.

1. Early Awakening: Pests that would typically remain dormant during colder winters are stirring sooner. Insects and rodents, usually slowed down by freezing temperatures, are finding the mild conditions favorable for early emergence.

box elder bug infestation

Among the first to emerge, the Box Elder Bugs, they commonly congregate on the south wall of your home on warm days in the spring. With the mild winter, we have already been seeing signs of them on some homes.

2. Breeding Season Acceleration: The extended warmth acts as a catalyst for breeding cycles. What would usually be a slower reproductive period for pests becomes accelerated, meaning larger populations gearing up to make their presence known as the weather warms.

3. Prime Conditions for Infestation: The lack of freezing temperatures and snow cover allows pests to thrive and multiply. Without the usual natural controls, their numbers can skyrocket, potentially leading to infestations in homes and gardens.

A common pest that shows up in the springtime around the Columbia River Gorge is the Carpenter Ant.

A mature colony will release reproductive individuals in the springtime. These individuals will have wings, and are typically called "swarmers".

Their purpose is to breed, and start new colonies.

4. Hasty Foraging: Mild winters also mean pests don't face the usual scarcity of food. Instead, they're actively foraging, seeking out resources indoors and making homes, businesses, and gardens their prime targets.

5. Early Prevention, Lasting Protection: With spring just around the corner, now is the time to act. Proactive pest control measures in late winter help stem the impending surge. Targeted treatments disrupt breeding cycles and reduce the likelihood of large-scale infestations.

6. Professional Guidance: Our experts at Mt Hood Pest Control can assess the unique challenges posed by a mild winter and create tailored strategies to fortify homes and businesses against the impending pest invasion.

Remember, a mild winter isn't just a reprieve for us; it's an invitation for pests to flourish. Taking action now can save you from dealing with a pest population explosion in the coming season.

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